Yellow Sticky Traps

  • HKG Sticky traps are glue-based traps frequently used in pest control to catch and monitor insects and other pests. The sticky traps consist of a sticky glue layer mounted on a piece of cardboard that is tailorable into any structure to protect the sticky surface.

  • Made of ECO-friendly materials and safe, It although some may be impregnated with aromas designed to be attractive to certain pests. Plain and simple Yellow sticky types of nats have a phototaxis towards yellow light, which naturally draws them to the knit traps for the kitchen.

  • Yellow sticky traps widely capture to trap/monitor most pests (Includes whiteflies, leaf miners, fungus gnats, shore flies, thrips, winged aphids, leafminers, scales, midges, mosquitoes, and other flying insects).

  • Easy to Use, The adhesive will not dry up, waterproof, heat resistant can be used for any crop in any season. Lasts all year round, even in rain, or until completely coated with insects or dust.




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